The 1st Booch Blog Post!

To all our booch babes and bros,

We have decided to expand BoochFest beyond the annual festival to provide a space full of bountiful, resourceful information related to kombucha, it’s benefits and trends. The origins of BoochFest, and now this blog, stem from our desire to share the craft and passion of kombucha with a community of like minded individuals. We will be connecting with brands, brewers, and tasters from all over to uncover the depths of this ancient beverage. We look forward to sharing and discovering more about this effervescent elixir with every new topic about booch.

We are experiencing an amazing trend in our society; people are gravitating towards a more holistic lifestyle and consciously making decisions that guide them to a happier and healthier life. The Booch Blog will spotlight how kombucha and its benefits can be a step towards helping you find the way to achieving your full health and wellness potential. We are so excited to have the opportunity to express, share, educate and grow the booch community by contributing via topic ideas, content, and feedback. 

Stay tuned for weekly updates and make sure to share with your friends and loved ones so that we can all thrive together. 

Get Your Booch On!

Nick AnguloComment